O'Connor & Thomas, P.C.
Our Story

O'Connor & Thomas, P.C.  was founded in 1840 under the name of Davis & Crawford. The current firm is the direct descendant of Davis & Crawford and is the oldest law firm in continuous practice west of the Mississippi.

Among the prior partners of the firm are an aide to President Lincoln during the Civil War, an Attorney General of Iowa, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, an Iowa Supreme Court Justice, and numerous other judges and dignitaries.

O'Connor & Thomas, P.C. has the unique distinction of being the only law firm in Iowa that has had two partners, William Avery Smith and E. Marshall Thomas, receive the Award of Merit of the Iowa State Bar Association.

While the firm has changed its name many times since 1840 to reflect membership, it became O'Connor & Thomas, P.C. in 1984. Today the firm consists of shareholders Richard K. Whitty, James E. Goodman, Jr., Davin C. Curtiss, Paul J. Sigwarth, Peter D. Arling, Joshua P. Weidemann, Christopher C. Fry, Stephanie R. Fueger, McKenzie R. Hill, and Tonya A. Trumm; senior counsel John C . O'Connor, A. John Arenz, and Chad C. Leitch and associate Adam J. Babinat.
In 1960, the Annals of Iowa, from the Iowa State Department of History and Archives, published an article detailing the firm's history and the attorneys who helped develop what has become O'Connor & Thomas, P.C.